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Make certain you tell your healthcare supplier if you have actually been recently utilizing any of the adhering to medications: streptomycin, digoxin, amikacin, salicylates, anabolic steroids, various other blood pressure medicines, diet tablets or cold medicine, ethacrynic acid, indomethacin, lithium.

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This medicine will make you pee a lot more commonly. Taking this medicine could trigger dehydration.

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If you ever before had a hatred Furosemide, you may not be permitted to take it as a result of high danger of the same response occurring.

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Ensure you mention the fact of taking any one of the adhering to medicines: ethacrynic acid, indomethacin, diet tablets, cold medications, streptomycin, digoxin, salicylates, amikacin, netilmicin, anabolic steroids, other blood pressure medications, or lithium, as interactions in between them and Furosemide have been mentioned.

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You should get sufficient potassium and salt while taking Lasix.

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